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What Are The Top 3 Powerful Questions To Ask A Psychic?

When people talk to a psychic, they generally have two thoughts about it. Either they think it’s fake entertainment to pass the time, or they think that the psychic is going to do amazing things like foretell the future and let them talk to their dead relatives.

The real truth is that there are a myriad of styles of psychics. Some of them are complete scam artists, telling you what they think you want to know or using cold reading techniques in order to make it seem like they know things about you when they don’t. Others really do talk to the souls of the dead, or at the very least they believe they do and don’t mean to cold read. But many are somewhere in between, using classical divination tools to give them a starting point, and help draw out conversation and thought processes in order to help you understand the answers to your current issues.

Because of this, the “right” way to approach a psychic reading is actually similar to the “right” way to approach therapy. That is, figure out what problems are most disrupting in your every day life, and ask about them.

Which means the first most powerful question to ask a psychic is whatever thing is giving you the most trouble. Is it your love life? Is it your job situation? Is it a particular relationship with a person? Whatever it is, don’t ask around the question. Don’t ask for bits and pieces that you think are important to the question. Ask the actual question.

This can be tough, because often times people think they’re asking the question. “Will John ever love me” they ask, thinking that’s the question they want answered. But it’s not. The question they want answered is “will I ever find a partner who I think is appropriate for me”. Thinking about those details is what makes the question powerful.

The second most pow3erful question to ask is the followup question. When the psychic gives you an answer, ask about that answer. When they tell you “you should do these things”, ask why those things are important. If they’re a psychic worth the money, they’ll be able to explain, based on the cards they drew and the conversation so far. The followup questions help you because they tailor the information to your personal needs, instead of giving you more generic information.

Lastly, ask a closing question. If you asked about your love life, and you discussed out an answer, think about what you might choose to do at that point. Then ask the psychic about that choice, and if it seems like it might actually do the thing you want it to do.

If you ask these three styles of questions, you’ll find that your psychic reading will be much more beneficial. Even if it’s actually cold reading and not a “real psychic”, you’ll still have the benefit of having talked through some of your problems and figured out a few solutions. The fact that these questions will let you get help no matter what kind of psychic you’re dealing with is what makes them so powerful. You can also try free online psychic readings at beyondclairvoyance.com.