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What Are My Top 3 Beauty Products?

What are my top 3 beauty products? I honestly have no idea how to answer that. Do personal hygiene products count as beauty products? Because I honestly think that bathing, shampooing, shaving, and even brushing my teeth are essential to personal beauty. Cleanliness is the start of any beauty regimen, yes?

In truth, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the exfoliating facial wipes I use to clean my cheeks and eyelids every night. Even though I don’t personally wear makeup as a guy, I still get sweat, oils, and just little stuff on my face everyday and it’s nice to clean it off. My pillows sure stay cleaner longer.

stencil.blog-post-feature (3)I’m also a big fan of total body moisturization (check out more of it from http://fairejeune.com/lifecell-skin-review), and do so at least once a day. Again, this is something that I usually do before I go to bed, although sometimes I need to do it mid-day too. This is especially true in the middle of a dry winter.

Crazy as it sounds, but I think my best beauty product is lemonade. I love the taste, and I love how it helps me stay hydrated and retain liquids. You can tell the glow of skin of someone who is hydrated enough.