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The Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

Landing a part-time job while attending high school can prove to be a difficult task among teenagers. Trying to balance part-time work, homework, extracurricular activities, and home chores may seem daunting especially for teenagers. However, teenagers who keep a part-time job apart from the usual teen activities teaches them a lesson or two about discipline, responsibility, and smart money management.

There are those who think part-time jobs for high school students may be a bit too much. There are of course pros and cons to keeping a part-time job at an early age. For one, the experience of working will teach teenagers the value of money and will help them develop positive traits that will prove useful once they enter adulthood.

 Here are some popular part-time jobs that high school students can take advantage of (aside from private blog network service):

  • Babysitter

This is one of the more popular part-time gigs that female high school students seek. To many, babysitting the neighbors’ kids has become a rite of passage. Babysitting is a pretty laid back job sas most parents will only require the services of a babysitter during weekends. This means that teenage girls will have enough time to finish their homework before they start babysitting for clients.

This part-time job allows teenage girls as much as $15 per hour just to take care of kids and watch the house for their clients. Obtaining first-aid training such as CPR increases the pay rate for certified and licensed babysitters.

  • Car Wash Employee

Applying for a car wash attendant post is ideal for high school students. The task of cleaning cars is simple and straightforward. This job is most commonly available among teenagers during summer time. Instead of staying home, watching TV all day, working as a car wash employee will earn you money that you can save up to buy the things you want for yourself. The money you save from working as a car wash attendant can also be used if you want to treat yourself to a vacation before school year starts resumes!

  • Pizza Delivery

You can also apply to become a pizza delivery boy or girl for your local pizzeria. This is for teenagers who drive a car and boast outstanding driving record. Just like the other part-time jobs mentioned above, the tasks of delivering pizza to clients is pretty simple and straightforward.

Delivering pizza also teaches teenagers a thing or two about the importance of being on time. Since pizza delivery boys and girls handle money, picking up this job part time will also teach them on how to handle money more responsibly.