How to Trade Forex Successfully in Nigeria

If you want to trade Forex successfully in Nigeria you need to develop mental discipline and consistency in your trading.

After reading this article, you will be able to know how to become successful in forex trading and enjoy the success you deserve.

Be patient. Being in a hurry is not a good way to trade in Forex. The desire to get rich quick will do you more harm than good. Avoid being overly aggressive when trading in Forex because the more risks you take, the more likely it is that your trading account will meet a premature end.

This is why it is a good idea to start trading with a demo account when you are just getting started in Forex trading and slowly increase your deposits as you grow in confidence with your trading system. So, as the cliché goes ‘patience really pays”.

Know what to risk and what not to risk most traders make a mistake of going all out with their risk at the start. Even though you may be confident in your trading system and keen to start making serious profits, it is wise to prioritize keeping your capital safe over making huge profits.

Keep your account small when you start Forex trading in Nigeria and get used to trading on a small level of capital before steadily increasing your deposits as you become more experienced. This will help you know how to trade with discipline and consistency.

It is also very important to train yourself with mental habits and discipline over your emotions as this will allow you to trade successfully regardless of how much money you have in your trading account. The forex success mindset is a combination of being calm and patient and has a lot to do with how well you are prepared for your live trading.

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The Top 2 Mistakes to Avoid in your 20s

It is in our 20s that we start experience important milestones in life. It’s a period when everything that we learn from years of school can now be applied and become habits. This is very true when it comes to making financial decisions. If you want to make it fast, start in your 20s. You will of course fail, but you will be able to learn a host of new things that will equip you in the future.

  • Start saving for your retirement

One of the biggest mistakes that you make early on in life is not having enough funding for your retirement. Once you get a job, allot a portion of your income to your retirement fun. It is true that retirement is far away, and that you still yearn to get the basics such as a car and a home. Saving money for your retirement in your 20s can start small.

  • Purchasing a car that you cannot afford

Young adults are easily persuaded to purchase high-end cars right away. Although you may start with a high income, always remember that you are still starting from scratch. It is in your 20s that you start becoming independent. Investing in a basic sedan is ideal when in your 20s. Make sure that your car payments will fit your budget nicely. If you do push through with purchasing a car that you cannot afford, you will end up missing payments and losing your car at some point in time.

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What Are The Top 3 Powerful Questions To Ask A Psychic?

When people talk to a psychic, they generally have two thoughts about it. Either they think it’s fake entertainment to pass the time, or they think that the psychic is going to do amazing things like foretell the future and let them talk to their dead relatives.

The real truth is that there are a myriad of styles of psychics. Some of them are complete scam artists, telling you what they think you want to know or using cold reading techniques in order to make it seem like they know things about you when they don’t. Others really do talk to the souls of the dead, or at the very least they believe they do and don’t mean to cold read. But many are somewhere in between, using classical divination tools to give them a starting point, and help draw out conversation and thought processes in order to help you understand the answers to your current issues.

Because of this, the “right” way to approach a psychic reading is actually similar to the “right” way to approach therapy. That is, figure out what problems are most disrupting in your every day life, and ask about them.

Which means the first most powerful question to ask a psychic is whatever thing is giving you the most trouble. Is it your love life? Is it your job situation? Is it a particular relationship with a person? Whatever it is, don’t ask around the question. Don’t ask for bits and pieces that you think are important to the question. Ask the actual question.

This can be tough, because often times people think they’re asking the question. “Will John ever love me” they ask, thinking that’s the question they want answered. But it’s not. The question they want answered is “will I ever find a partner who I think is appropriate for me”. Thinking about those details is what makes the question powerful.

The second most pow3erful question to ask is the followup question. When the psychic gives you an answer, ask about that answer. When they tell you “you should do these things”, ask why those things are important. If they’re a psychic worth the money, they’ll be able to explain, based on the cards they drew and the conversation so far. The followup questions help you because they tailor the information to your personal needs, instead of giving you more generic information.

Lastly, ask a closing question. If you asked about your love life, and you discussed out an answer, think about what you might choose to do at that point. Then ask the psychic about that choice, and if it seems like it might actually do the thing you want it to do.

If you ask these three styles of questions, you’ll find that your psychic reading will be much more beneficial. Even if it’s actually cold reading and not a “real psychic”, you’ll still have the benefit of having talked through some of your problems and figured out a few solutions. The fact that these questions will let you get help no matter what kind of psychic you’re dealing with is what makes them so powerful. You can also try free online psychic readings at

The Best Part-Time Jobs for High School Students

Landing a part-time job while attending high school can prove to be a difficult task among teenagers. Trying to balance part-time work, homework, extracurricular activities, and home chores may seem daunting especially for teenagers. However, teenagers who keep a part-time job apart from the usual teen activities teaches them a lesson or two about discipline, responsibility, and smart money management.

There are those who think part-time jobs for high school students may be a bit too much. There are of course pros and cons to keeping a part-time job at an early age. For one, the experience of working will teach teenagers the value of money and will help them develop positive traits that will prove useful once they enter adulthood.

 Here are some popular part-time jobs that high school students can take advantage of (aside from private blog network service):

  • Babysitter

This is one of the more popular part-time gigs that female high school students seek. To many, babysitting the neighbors’ kids has become a rite of passage. Babysitting is a pretty laid back job sas most parents will only require the services of a babysitter during weekends. This means that teenage girls will have enough time to finish their homework before they start babysitting for clients.

This part-time job allows teenage girls as much as $15 per hour just to take care of kids and watch the house for their clients. Obtaining first-aid training such as CPR increases the pay rate for certified and licensed babysitters.

  • Car Wash Employee

Applying for a car wash attendant post is ideal for high school students. The task of cleaning cars is simple and straightforward. This job is most commonly available among teenagers during summer time. Instead of staying home, watching TV all day, working as a car wash employee will earn you money that you can save up to buy the things you want for yourself. The money you save from working as a car wash attendant can also be used if you want to treat yourself to a vacation before school year starts resumes!

  • Pizza Delivery

You can also apply to become a pizza delivery boy or girl for your local pizzeria. This is for teenagers who drive a car and boast outstanding driving record. Just like the other part-time jobs mentioned above, the tasks of delivering pizza to clients is pretty simple and straightforward.

Delivering pizza also teaches teenagers a thing or two about the importance of being on time. Since pizza delivery boys and girls handle money, picking up this job part time will also teach them on how to handle money more responsibly.

What Are My Top 3 Beauty Products?

What are my top 3 beauty products? I honestly have no idea how to answer that. Do personal hygiene products count as beauty products? Because I honestly think that bathing, shampooing, shaving, and even brushing my teeth are essential to personal beauty. Cleanliness is the start of any beauty regimen, yes?

In truth, I wouldn’t be anywhere without the exfoliating facial wipes I use to clean my cheeks and eyelids every night. Even though I don’t personally wear makeup as a guy, I still get sweat, oils, and just little stuff on my face everyday and it’s nice to clean it off. My pillows sure stay cleaner longer. (3)I’m also a big fan of total body moisturization (check out more of it from, and do so at least once a day. Again, this is something that I usually do before I go to bed, although sometimes I need to do it mid-day too. This is especially true in the middle of a dry winter.

Crazy as it sounds, but I think my best beauty product is lemonade. I love the taste, and I love how it helps me stay hydrated and retain liquids. You can tell the glow of skin of someone who is hydrated enough.

Agree or Disagree – Maintenance keeps the car healthy and the owner happy

Car repairs can be quite expensive, all car owners know that. However, there are ways to cut the costs, as we are going to see from this article, below (you can also check out

1. Maintenance keeps the car healthy and the owner happy

You may have noticed in your car owner’s manual that there are some maintenance works scheduled at various mileages or time intervals. They are there for a reason, so you’d better follow those instructions if you want to have less surprises.

If, for instance, you don’t change a belt when instructed in the manual, it may break while you are on a highway in the middle of nowhere. This is going to cost you more than the belt and its replacement, as you are going to need towing services and go to more expensive car shops.

2. Check on your mechanic

Many car owners prefer to use the same mechanic or the same car shop to do all maintenance and repair works on their cars. Mechanics also know this habit of their customers, therefore less honest ones may try to rip off their regular clients. This is why you could check on your mechanic from time to time. Just find a few more car repair shops in your area and ask them for quotations on the same job. You may have big surprises, therefore don’t be lazy, pick up the phone and get in touch with some other mechanics out there.

3. Have clear agreements on repair jobs

If you don’t know what’s included in a repair job, you may see yourself in the situation of needing to pay for some extra operations that were not mentioned initially by the mechanic. It’s good to write everything down from the start, so that you know exactly what are those things the car shop is going to do for the money you are going to pay them. Misunderstandings are quite frequent between car owners and mechanics, so learn from the mistakes of other people and save money and time. If you don’t know what an agreement should include, you can browse the web and get more information on the type of repair you need and the elements in implies. You are then going to be able to check on your mechanic and see that he is going to do everything required to bring the car in a good working condition without charging you extra.

A Look at What Kings Ate in Medieval Times

When we think of the Medieval era, we usually think of feasts and banquets, and it’s true that those who were wealthy did enjoy some rather expansive and interesting meal options – the banquets that kinds enjoyed during the Middle Ages were extensive, but rather than eating huge quantities of food, kings would look to sample exotic foods and new flavors.

It was considered good etiquette to try a wide range of different foods, and thanks to the Crusades there were a lot of options to choose from, with spices from far away lands helping to add a touch of color and variety to an otherwise boring menu. Exotic colors and unusual flavorings were considered desirable.

The standard fare of the day included oats, fish, rye, barley, sheep, milk and ale. That is what peasants would live on, and the more well-off would follow a similar diet, but they would also enjoy pigeon, sturgeon, finer ales, a wider variety of fish, and a nicer selection of dishes in general – they would have more pies, soups and pastries, and they would get to choose between multiple selections of dishes at each meal, instead of having just one meal prepared at a time. They would often waste food (or leave food untouched, and their serving staff would partake of it).

Gluttony was frowned upon, even by the ruling classes, but they did enjoy the indulgence of trying a lot of different foods. They had the luxury of being able to sample foods from a range of different sources, and since they did not have to worry about “feast and famine”, or supplies running low in the winter, they could enjoy food in a way that the peasant classes could not – there was no need to think of food as a tool for survival.